Thursday, May 28, 2009

UPDATE: Washington Post Has Connolly Endorsement of Keam

Honestly, things are happening so fast! I just reported that Mark Keam received a dual endorsment, along with Roy Baldwin, from the Sierra Club and as an afterthought added the Connolly endorsement, which I found on Blue Virginia.

Now, I just spotted an even fuller story in the Washington Post, written by Amy Gardner, about Connolly's endorsement of Mark Keam. According to Gardner's report, Connolly issued the endorsment one day after one of Keam's opponent, Roy Baldwin, attacked Keam's work as a Verizon lobbyist. As Gardner's article points out, Keam also served as chief counsel to Senate Majority Whip, Dick Durbin, of Illinois, and also worked at the Federal Communications Commission and the Small Business Administration.

Once again, here is the quote from Congressman Connolly:
"Mark Keam is a standout," Connolly said in a statement tonight. "He has the experience, energy and character to be an effective leader in the House of Delegates. He will fight for Fairfax and Vienna in Richmond, helping us get our fair share of transportation and education funding. I fully endorse his election."
Sorry to be redundant, but I kinda like the sound of that "I fully endorse his election."

So do I!

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