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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back From the Convention

Right now, I'm exhausted. But unity was the theme of the convention from a "unity pass," which you could purchase and got you into a Young Democrats breakfast to providing lunch and a reception with Governor Tim Kaine at the end of the convention to an actual unity ticket to elect DNC members. The ticket consisted of supporters of both Clinton and Obama who ran on the same ticket to unify the party and included Doris Crouse Mays, Secretary-Treasurer of the State AFL-CIO; Mame Reiley, Chair of the Woman's Caucus of the DNC and member of the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee; Lionell Spruill, Vice Chair of the Virginia House Democratic Caucus and delegate since 1994; and Frank Leone, Vice Chair for Rules of the Democratic Party. We also voted on delegates to attend the national convention in Denver this August.

Congratulations to Vivian Paige, who was chosen as a Clinton delegate as part of the Virginia Blue State slate. She's off to Denver. As somebody who has gone to several conventions, I can tell you she's going to have a ball! A tireless worker and dedicated blogger for Clinton's candidacy, she deserved this. You go Vivian!

Also, while I didn't live blog the convention, my friend over at Bearing Drift, Jr, did. I finally got to meet him. And if you go to his site, you can see a picture of me and Vivian. But you've got to scroll way down to see us because we were at 10:05 and Jim patiently sat there tapping his computer until 3:50. It's a good read that captured the major points of the convention, which dragged on and on. It's also interesting to read about what it looked like from a Republican's perspective. JR did a good job of being fair and gracious and his few digs were actually funny.

For a Democratic perspective of the convention, Blueweeds also has excellent coverage. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Mike but his report is definitely worth the read.

The convention ran over time and seemed to drag on and on. We didn't break into caucuses to vote on the delegates for Denver until close to 4 pm and a reception with Tim Kaine was scheduled to begin at 4:30. I finally got to the reception at 5 pm. By then most people were drained but we caught our second wind.

Best party room of the evening was hands down Jon Bowerbank's digs. He had a great band, the Moonlighters, who played blues and Motown. Great dance music!

I must also mention, we had gorgeous weather and I fell in love with Hampton Roads.

Now, I'm tired so I'm outta here.


Anonymous said...

Nice to have met you!

Our Friday night party hosted by the Newport News and Hampton Committees was pretty darn good too!

Newport News Dem

Brian Patton said...

It was great seeing you all this weekend. I look forward to us spending a lot of time up your way over the next year or so.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Thanks - it was great to meet you all and so many other great Dems. I expect our paths will cross many more times.

Johnny Camacho said...


Somebody pointed you out to me at the convention, and I made a beeline to introduce myself. Unfortunately, I hadn't even made it half way before I was intercepted by a couple of acquaintances.

Anyway, we didn't get to talk, but it was still good to see you in Hampton!

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Johnny, I would have loved to meet you. But I know how it goes, you are heading directly over to introduce yourself, and three people you haven't seen for months head in your direction.

Hopefully, our paths will cross again, and please always feel free to come over to say hello.


p.s., watch my blog tomorrow. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.