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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Photos from Last Weekend's Democratic Convention

I've got some pictures back from last weekend's Virginia Democratic Convention in Hampton Roads. Special thanks to a very talented photographer, whom I'm proud to call a friend, Joyce Putnam from the Office and Professional Employee's International Union (OPEIU)

The first is Dan Duncan, President of the Northern Virginia Central Labor Council and beloved husband, with Senate Majority Leader, Dick Saslow.

Next, it's me on the left with the most important person in Senator Jim Webb's office, his scheduler, Lisa Stark. I've been a scheduler and know how difficult it is to do that job really well. So people like Lisa are very special in my book. It was a pleasure to see her down in Hampton Roads with the Senator.

I was thrilled to meet Tom Perriello, candidate for Congress from the 5th CD. I've written about him before and I'll definitely have more to say about him and some of the other congressional candidates who impressed me that weekend, including Glenn Nye,VA-2, and Sam Rasoul, VA-6.

Vivian Paige (2nd to left) and Rachel Rifkind (center left), from Mason District, both elected Hillary Clinton delegates to the National Democratic Convention in Denver. I'm proud to say I voted for both of them. And apologies to the other ladies, whom I just don't recognize.

Finally, nobody ever gets a picture of the photographer. In fact, I suspect they often become photographers precisely to hide out from other people's prying cameras. At least, that was always true of my husband. But not this time. Looking a bit tuckered but definitely happy, here's the talented person who brought you those pictures, Joyce Putnam.

Once again, thank you, Joyce, for the photos and the opportunity to share them with readers

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