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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kenton Ngo and Johnny Comacho Head for Denver Convention

Congratulations to a couple of young, progressive Democratic bloggers who will be going to Denver for the convention. Kenton Ngo will be a Virginia Delegation Page. And Johnny Comacho is going as a blogger for a site called Think Youth. The editor-in-chief applied to the DNC for credentials, not expecting to actually get them. But to his surprise, the DNC picked his website, and Johnny was tapped to attend. Way to go Johnny and Kenton!

Also, Johnny taped about an hour of speeches from last Saturday's state convention in Hampton Roads. The following two videos, from his site, are from the Young Democrats breakfast at the Convention Center. I was at it. Sorry I didn't get to meet Johnny, who is a bright and talented young man.

The first video is of Sam Rasoul's speech.

Next is Glenn Nye.

Glenn especially impressed me that he is sharp on the uptake. On the tape, he mentioned that he had just talked to a couple who had met, years ago, in the Florida Young Democrats, and gotten married. Yep, it was Dan and me. Nye was working the tables at the breakfast when I told that to him. It was the first time we had ever met.

More important than stoking the ego of a middle aged woman, it shows he listens to people and can improvise. Good political sense. And by the way, he did not know I was a blogger. I never mentioned that.

Between enterprising young bloggers, energetic YDs, and youthful candidates, I'd say the Virginia Democratic Party has a pretty good future!

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Johnny Camacho said...

Thank you very much for the kind words!