Monday, June 09, 2008

Vote Tuesday, June 10th for Leslie Byrne in the 11th CD

The following statement is an excerpt from an email from Senator Jim Webb from his Born Fighting PAC:
Since 2001, the Democratic Party has enjoyed great success in Virginia by running smart, tough, and honest candidates. More importantly, Democrats have governed Virginia effectively -- earning the trust and support of more people.

I am proud to be part of this success. This year, I am working to keep it going by supporting candidates like my good friend, Leslie Byrne. Leslie is a longtime state legislator and former member of Congress, who is working to replace Tom Davis in Virginia's 11th Congressional District.

Leslie was one of my earliest supporters in 2006. She and I share certain fundamental beliefs -- that America's leaders must be accountable to its people, that our economic system must give everyone a fair shot at success, and that our foreign policy choices must be governed by thoughtful strategic goals. Like me, Leslie was an early warning voice against the war in Iraq.

Throughout her career, Leslie has proven she is a tenacious and skilled leader. During her time in the Virginia House of Delegates, the State Senate, on Capitol Hill, and as the White House Consumer Advocate, she made a name for herself as someone who could be counted to actually accomplish her goals. She championed the first full funding for Head Start in its history, and freed up millions of dollars for childhood immunization programs. She worked to develop Polluter Pays laws and helped pass the Family and Medical Leave Act. Leslie is the kind of results-oriented leader that Northern Virginians deserve to have representing them in Congress, and she's more than deserving of your support.


The 111th Congress will face considerable obstacles. Leslie Byrne has the courage and the experience to help us win those fights. I am looking forward to seeing her defend our common principles on the House floor. Please join me in helping Leslie become the next U.S. Representative from the Virginia 11th today.
So, if you live in the 11th CD, don't forget to get out and vote in Tuesday's primary election. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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