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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Do Not Read This Blog!

At least until next Thursday. Easiest way to drive the number of hits down on an active blog: Admit you're going on vacation for a few days.

Seriously, it's just polite to let regular readers know that I won't be around until next Thursday or Friday (at least, on the Internet). By the time you read this, I'll be winging my way to steamy South Florida for a visit with my dad and to see some old friends - all of whom were at my wedding 25 years ago. Yes, it's also to celebrate my Silver Anniversary back at the scene of the crime. God, is it really 25 years?

Oh, and all those friends were in the Young Democrats with Dan and me. Dan was president of the Broward Club and both of us, at different times, were voted Broward YD of the Year. So, catching up on local South Florida politics, where some things never change, will be fun.

Stay cool and see you back on the Net soon.


Mosquito said...

Have a great

Hokie Guru said...

Can you please point out the horrible press that James "Fiscal Destruction" Gilmore is receiving and the great press that Mark Warner is receiving? Everyone in the Virginia blogosphere has dropped the ball in reporting on these issues (I am going to touch on Mark Warner's impact on Virginia Tech in my Hokie Sports Blog, Fire Bryan Stinespring):

Here is Warner's impact on getting Virginia Tech into the ACC:,0,5882308,full.story

Learn some manners, Gilmore:

Roanoke Times Editorial: An energy plan powered by ideas

Energy Debate between James "Drill here and now" Gilmore and Mark "Comprehensive Energy Plan" Warner.

Anonymous Is A Woman, please say something about these subjects.


hokie guru

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Thanks, Mosquito. And Hokie Guru, I promise I'll cover Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore - though I suspect that Warner will win by a comfortable margin. Still, overconfidence is dangerous, so I won't ignore the senatorial race.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, anonymous is a woman, for mentioning my book, "The Fall of the Evangelical Nation."

I'm going to be blogging for Huffington Post's Off the Bus. My column will be called "God's Country." If you or your readers get a chance to drop by and look at it OR even better offer your take on what's going on politically and religiously, I'd be most grateful.

Have a great holiday.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Thanks, Ms. Wicker. And what a great honor that you have read my blog.

I look forward to reading your blog posts and linking to them!