Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Drake Bows Out of Debate With Nye

Honestly, this must be the new Republican strategy: When your ideas no longer work, just skip the debate and hope the voters don't notice. RK has word that Thelma Drake, in Virginia's 2nd CD, is not planning to show up for her debate with Democratic challenger Glen Nye. The debate is sponsored by The League of Women Voters.

This may not be an actual GOP strategy, but it's a trend that short changes the voters. However, citizens deserve to hear from their representatives in Congress, and Thelma Drake is a sitting congresswoman.


Anonymous said...

Really? We're going to be this cynical? Granted, there is a lot of reason to be cynical nowadays, but Rep. Drake has a family member in serious bad shape...that's why she's "skipping and hoping no one notices." Not everything in politics has some evil motive.

spotter said...

so we'll expect Thelma to reschedule the debate very soon, right, anonymous?