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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photos From Labor GOTV Efforts for Gerry Connolly

Compliments of George Burke, 11th District Chairman, here are some pictures of Gerry Connolly along with Governor Tim Kaine and other notables from last Saturday. The first two pictures were taken at Magill's in Anandale after a GOTV rally for Gerry and other Democratic candidates at the Northern Virginia Central Labor Council Headquarters, also in Anandale.

First is NoVA Central Labor Council President, Dan Duncan (left), Gerry Connolly (middle) and Governor Tim Kaine (right).

Next, Jim Leaman, state AFL-CIO president to the back and left of Gerry and Gov. Kaine to his right.

Finally, Gerry, with Chap Petersen at his left. Gerry was addressing a crowd of volunteers before they went out to canvass last Saturday.


Bryan Scrafford said...

It was definitely a great day. I was at several of the events and the people at the rallies were definitely "fired up and ready to go."

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

So Dan told me too.