Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fimian Skips Debate With Connolly

Bryan Scafford, at Left of the Hill, has the story that Keith Fimian skipped a debate with Gerry Connolly last night for a last minute fundraiser. According to Bryan, The South County Federation scheduled this meet up between the two candidates from the 11th CD some time ago and Fimian canceled suddenly. Here's Bryan's report:
The South County Federation was scheduled to host a candidate forum last night. Both Keith Fimian and Gerry Connolly had agreed to come to the event and over the course of the last few months they had repeatedly confirmed that they would be attending the event. This was going to be a worthwhile event because it was going to provide the candidates a great opportunity to talk directly with the public and there were students from at least two government classes in attendance in order to see our great democracy in action. Unfortunately, the audience at the forum was informed that Keith Fimian's campaign decided to cancel at the last minute because Keith was going to be having a fundraiser.
The yet to be confirmed rumor is that Fimian's last minute fundraiser featured Karl Rove as the guest of honor. I agree with Bryan here.
Now no matter who the guest of honor was at this event, the decision to cancel at the last minute says a lot about Keith Fimian's character. Not only did this move show the campaign was willing to deprive a group of students an opportunity to learn about our government through direct experience, but it also illustrates how Keith would rather hang around a group of donors than speak directly to the general public....
There could be more than one reason why Fimian decided Rove and high rolling donors are more important than the students from a government class, there to see democracy in action, or the general public. One could be that he hasn't fared well in previous debates with Gerry Connolly. Unlike Connolly, who is experienced and knowledgeable about government issues, Fimian has proved that he's not quite ready for prime time. His policies and solutions are inadequate to deal with complex financial problems facing the country and he still refuses to answer where he stands on birth control and other social issues. So, it figures that he wouldn't want to face the public.

It's hard to imagine this millionaire, who already loaned his campaign $300,000 and has raised the bulk of his money from out of state sources associated with Ave Maria founder Tom Monaghan, is that cash strapped that he had to hold an emergency fundraiser. And since the debate was set several months ago and Fimian confirmed it several times, it makes it look all the more likey that he is simply trying to avoid any more public forums.

In fact, Bryan Scafford attempted to contact the Fimian campaign four times and he left a message which was never returned. You have to wonder if that is an example of the type of consitutent service Fimian's office would provide if elected.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who has been in Fimian's company for any length of time knows "it's all about Keith". He has a monumental ego and is driven to be successful, no matter the cost, by some pretty deep seated demons about which he rarely acknowledges. His character is showing...the one those of us who know him have seen time and again. Wouldn't vote for him because I doubt he's able to put the peoples' interests ahead of his own. It's a shame, because he really is smart and likeable but it's the character/integrity/honor thing trips him up.

Anonymous said...

You know what is kind of interesting. Mr. Connolly has also skipped a debate. He did not skip it for a fundraiser, who we all can admit involves the campaign directly, but he skipped it because he flew to California to just meet with Congresswoman Pelosi. Now lets be fair, isn't that what you Democrats and crazy liberals always want, isn't always about being fair.

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Republican and resident of Northern Virginia, I can confidently state that Fimian's campaign and Jim Gilmore's campaign are run in one of the most inefficient manners I have seen to date.

Not surprisingly, they will both end the same way.

Anonymous said...

Fimian ducked two debates.

One was supposed to be on Fairfax Public Access that was the second half of the series including the previously held Moran/Elmore debate.

The second one was the South County Federation of Civic Associations when Fimian chose Karl Rove over local citizens.

Isophorone said...

So it's not OK with you that Connolly skipped a debate against Fimian at B'nai Brith?

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

When did it happen?

Anonymous said...

Andy Hurst represented Gerry Connolly at B'nai Brith. This past Sunday, Fimian skipped a debate with Connolly at the Beth El Hebrew Congregation Forum in Alexandria.