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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Will The Real Virginians Please Stand Up

A top McCain aide, Nancy Pfotenhauer, insulted millions of Virginians in the northern part of the state by implying that if you're not rural and from South of Richmond, you're really not a Virginian. Heck, as she went on bloviating, it became apparent that she doesn't even think we are real Americans. Nor are people in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, and Miami. In other words, anybody who doesn't agree with her political philosophy isn't a real Virginian, a real American or a real patriot. Here's what she said.

Where have we heard rhetoric like this before? Scroll down to refresh your memory.

The sad thing is that even if I disagree with others' ideas, I would never label them un American, not real Virginians or or accuse them of lacking patriotism. Republicans are out of good ideas. All they've got are tired accusations that seek to divide us. They are running on empty and are losing the best of their own members because of it.

Whether you agree on the bailout, card check protection, or Obama's health plan, you are not a bad American or a fake Virginian. You are not an elitist or a Joe Sixpack. You are a fellow American with whom I might differ respectfully. It's time people rejected efforts like this to inflame and divide Americans.

So, if anybody asks will the real Virginians please stand up, everybody in Virginia ought to - has the right to. And if anybody asks will the real patriotic Americans stand up, that means all of us who love our country and don't want a permanent divide in it.


Cargosquid said...

I agree with everything you wrote.
However, if you don't want division, why are you supporting the demcrat in the race that is divisive? I mean, its not our side that says voters are racists if they don't support Obama. Our democrat reached across the aisle many times. And yes, he has an R behind his name, but we all know that, secretly, John McCain was considered a closet democrat for years.

Support John McCain, the man of BOTH parties.

Frank said...

I,m With Obama/Biden !