Friday, October 03, 2008

The Sarah Palin Plan for Acing the Debates

UPDATE: The McCain campaign just admitted that Sarah Palin misstated Sen. John McCain's position on homeowner protections during the debate last night.
Sarah Palin got her facts wrong in Thursday's debate with Joe Biden when discussing where John McCain stands on new protections for homeowners facing foreclosures.

The Alaska governor incorrectly made it sound like McCain supports giving bankruptcy judges the power to rewrite mortgage payment terms on first homes.

He doesn't.

The McCain campaign confirms to ABC News that Palin misstated McCain's position.

"No, that is what is called the cramdowns, which is so objectionable that Obama didn't even want it jammed into the stabilization bill," said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers when asked if McCain supports giving bankruptcy judges the power to re-adjust the interest rate and principal to help people stay in their homes.

Palin's mistake came when the debate's moderator asked her if Biden was right in thinking that she and McCain oppose giving bankruptcy judges this new power.

I will have more in depth analysis of the debate over the weekend. For now, here's a great chart, courtesy of Daily Kos, that pretty well describes Sarah Palin's tactics for acing last night's debate.

Somehow, judging by a quick round up of last night's instant poll results, I don't think it worked. At best, Palin got a boost in favorables because she's a cute, spunky hockey mom. What's not to like? But she didn't convince anybody she's ready to be a heartbeat away from a 72 year old president, whose had serious health problems.

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Bryan said...

"Darn right" that's a good plan. The only thing I don't see in there is the reminder to wink when she thinks she had an index card that relates to the question.